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How to Tell If You Need Drain Cleaning

Because pipes aren’t visible, it can be hard to tell when they need to be cleaned. Waiting too long to maintain them results in damage to your plumbing. Prevent serious problems by looking for these signs to tell if you need drain cleaning.

Improper Draining

The easiest way to tell your pipes are clogged is if water doesn’t drain quickly or at all from your sinks and tubs. Slow draining is a warning sign that residue is building up. Once it completely clogs the line, water won’t drain at all.

Toilet Issues

If the toilet drain is clogged, the toilet will overflow when flushed. A plunger is sufficient to resolve the issue if the blockage is due to waste, toilet paper or a small toy. If that doesn’t work, the clog is further down the line and requires a plumber.

Water Coming Back Up

Water coming back up the drains is a red flag. You will see water returning through the drain or hear the toilet gurgling. If running one appliance causes water to seep into another one, the clog is in the main sewer line and not a secondary one.
These are only a few signs to watch out for. To learn more about how to tell if you need drain cleaning, call Action Plumbing & Heating Maintenance.